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What An Average Window Replacement Project Looks Like

window replacement project by Window Depot in St Louis

What Our Average ‘Raving Success’ Window
Replacement Project Looks Like

We’re Quick, Professional,
And Always Accommodating!

When it comes to remodeling really any part of your St. Louis home, the overall experience from A to Z can be as important as the end results… if not MORE important.

The initial process alone tells you all you need to know about the caliber of contractor you’re working with. On one side of the coin you have the less experienced, more wet-behind-the-ears contractors who have a small skillset and typically stick to one specific kind of window (volume-based).

  • They can’t handle anything with real complexity.
  • They tend to do much more talking than listening.
  • They tend to do much more selling than serving.
  • They tend to try and take the lead, rather than make suggestions and work with you.
  • They tend to lack core systems and processes that at the end of the day, make the whole window replacement project far more stressful.
  • They cause more hassles, headaches, and hiccups…

On the other hand, you can work with a St. Louis Window Replacement Company like us, that can handle projects essentially no one else can…like high-caliber pros.

For example, imagine a large luxury home with a vast assortment of full-blown custom-designed windows, where everything has to be redone, hardwood specialists need to be brought in, new custom-made trim made…the works!

We can handle it. No problem. But, those are extremely rare. A project of that complexity is only taken on for family, or friends of the family.

So, what’s our average replacement window project look like after more than a decade in business?

In 2022 We’ll Complete Around 180-200 Projects

For us, they’re usually relatively straightforward projects where we remove your old outdated windows and replace them with new Triple Pane Windows where you get FAR better efficiency, comfort, and value.

Once you contact us, we’re going to send one of our specialists out to your house to get the measuring done. They’ll chat with you about the quality and benefits of our products, let you know what the current state of your windows and frames are, and give you a quote.

We use modern estimating software that’s cloud-based. With it we’ll show you what your new windows will look like, what features are possible, and where the costs are coming from. Then we have an application (it’s from our manufacturer) that pulls the estimates right into our contracts on the spot.

It’s great!

About 50% of the families we chat with choose to work with us as soon as they get the specifics. The other 50% have other quotes they consider and get back to us a few days later.

Then There’s Our Competitive Price Guarantee

While we focus on delivering true long-lasting VALUE and we’re well-known as a Zero-Compromises kind of exterior remodeler, we also know how important the bottom line is for family finances. So, for folks who choose to move forward with us right away, we’ll match any legitimate estimate from a competitor (vs. a hand-written quote from a ‘Pickup Pete’ kind of outfit).

Not only that, but we’ll beat it.

And from there the entire replacement window process moves along like clockwork. Thanks to our proactive approach to Crystal-Clear Communication, you always know what to expect, always know what’s happening, and enjoy a process without any unpleasant surprises.

Bottom Line:

With Window Depot, you can replace your windows and get top quality at a better price. And, best of all, when it comes to the experience you’ll definitely be glad you chose us.

This is how we maintain such a stellar customer review record – we treat people and their St. Louis homes right. Find out, contact us, and get your free fine-tuned Replacement Window Quote today!