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What are benefits of casement windows?

Benefits Of Casement Windows St. Louis

The Core Benefits Of Casement Windows Homeowners Enjoy

So, you’re interested in casement windows and the benefits that’ve made them a popular part of our homes for generations.


How old is this specific window design, you ask?

According to general knowledge, they appeared in the UK in the 18th Century as much older stone-mullioned windows were going out of fashion thanks to iron.

Even today, while the more metropolitan residential parts of the UK are speckled with sash windows, they’re still found across the more rural areas.

Of course, they made their way to America and have been a mainstay ever since.

Let’s quickly chat about why: the benefits of casement windows!

Increased Air Flow & Ventilation

Because they crank outward casement windows can open all the way, giving you the largest opening possible. Sort of like a window-door, almost. They actually catch the breeze! This makes it much easier to get fresh air circulating in your home in the summer months than with conventional windows.

Add a screen and you’ve got the perfect match for places like the kitchen, bathroom, or basement that won’t let the bugs in.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Along with providing great ventilation in the summer months, when it gets colder high-quality casement windows give you a tight seal you crank closed by hand. This means throughout the year you’re wasting less money and putting more in your pocket through energy savings.

  • In the hotter months, you’ll turn on fans less. You’ll run the AC less.
  • In the colder months, you’ll use less energy as well with far less heat escaping.

Sharp, Noticeable Architectural Flare

Oh yes, homeowners and homebuyers alike love well-placed casement windows. Why? Because at the end of the day, most of us want our home to have some unique flare.

Some style that speaks to who we are.

Casement Windows provide class, charm, and architectural distinction that tends to raise eyebrows and curb appeal.

  • They look great and mesh well with essentially any kind of home.
  • Part of this has to do with how well they pair with other window styles.
  • They come in nearly endless design variations: French, push-out, Colonial, etc.

Tightened Security

When we look at window styles specifically through the prism of home security, casement windows tend to be at the top of the list. This is because they’re hand-cranked shut on all sides.

Modern models come with even more advanced security features.

For example, the triple-pane Casement Windows for St. Louis that we install are from ProVia’s Endure line.

  • They’re not only secure but built with superior construction.
  • They have a single-point locking system.
  • Their hardware is built to be tough and beautiful (with stainless steel options).
  • They also offer an optional lock-out crank handle and more!

More Seamless Views

What do you get with fewer muntins (these are the dividers in the glass)?

More glass. More space. Better views!

Casement windows offer broader, clearer views of the landscape around your home and let in more natural light.

“Since casement windows consist of only one panel, they provide tremendous outdoor views when the window is closed. This “max glass” design makes a casement window ideal for bringing the outdoors in.”

Contact Your Local Window Professionals For More Info

Want to know more about the benefits of casement windows? Want to speak with a friendly window specialist who is happy to answer your questions and address any concerns? All the reading around online can’t compare to talking with someone who works with and installs these windows for a living.

If you happen to be in the St. Louis area of the country, Contact XteriorPRO today. We have over a decade of experience working with St. Louis-area homeowners like you and we’d love to help. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.