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What Color Siding Has The Best Resale Value

Beautiful St. Louis Home Siding Color

What Color Siding Adds The Most Value To My St. Louis Home?

Getting ready to invest in quality siding and wondering which color will add the most value to your St. Louis home? This article from XteriorPRO will help.

Are you planning on putting your St. Louis home on the market soon?

If so, then your home’s curb appeal is of critical importance, giving potential home buyers their first and last impressions.

While choosing the siding material is important, color certainly DOES make a difference.

No one can tell what the siding is made of at first, but they can tell whether the color goes well with nearby homes, your home itself, and the surrounding landscaping.

Yes, siding color has a powerful impact on your St. Louis home’s resale value.

The Most Popular Siding Colors For Resale Value

Think neutral colors. Homebuilders will be the first to tell you they appeal to the broadest group of potential buyers. Whereas darker, more conventional colors will only attract a segment of the overall marketplace.

Everything else being equal, neutrals will give you the best chances.

  • Light to Mid-Tone Browns: The many shades of lighter to mid-tone browns are typically more desired and contrast well with darker colors. You want people to feel invited. If you wish for an exceptionally soft look, try shades of beige or taupe. These are both quite common and highly desired because it’s easy to match the trim, door, windows, etc.
  • Light Neutrals: While plenty of homeowners like rich white siding because it can be paired with basically anything, it’s not always the only color desired across the board. On the flipside are folks who would prefer lighter neutral colors they can pair with darker accents. Think tans. Wheat-like colors. Neutral greens. The beauty is that these colors make room for other aspects of the home to shine in contrast.
  • Light To Medium Grays: Looking for a color that can work with just about everyone and mesh well with the vast majority of residential architectural styles on the market? Gray siding is an easy go-to for both a fresh new inviting look and pairing with different trims. Have some masonry in mind? That will go perfectly with the siding, whether it’s concrete, real stone, or red brick.
  • Light To Mid-Tone Blues: When was the last time you saw a home with strikingly pure blue or rich blue siding that makes your eyes pop? It happens from time to time, sure, but most blue siding is either on the lighter to mid-tone side of the spectrum. Depending on your home’s architecture, trim, and accents, deep blues could work well.

The Least Popular Siding Colors For Resale Value

Risky colors are loud. They’re bold. They’re drastic and may get you into trouble with Homeowner’s Associations.

If you were thinking of making your new siding any of these colors, you might want to step back and rethink things a bit. The last thing you want is for your home to look old, outdated, or like a sore thumb compared to surrounding homes.

    • Orange.
    • Black.
    • Pastels don’t work too well around St. Louis. This isn’t Key West or the
    • Bahamas.
    • Deep blue.
    • Purples.
    • Mustard yellow.
    • Any shade of pink or salmon.

Be Sure To Consult With These Two Professionals

As you continue your research, you’ll see most people agree on these basics of siding colors. They’re based on decades of sales data not just from around the Greater St. Louis area but across the country.

But before you go run off and decide on any particular color, speak with these two professionals. You’ll be thrilled you did.

  1. A seasoned real estate agent. They can provide you with valuable insight and perspective based on what they see in the local marketplace.
  2. Local siding professionals here in St. Louis who’ve proven themselves to be customer-first always. Like XteriorPRO.

We specialize in James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding, which has been the top choice in St. Louis Siding Replacement for many years. With such a wide, versatile amount of colors to choose from (hundreds), we help homeowners in the area get picture-perfect coloring and impeccable installations.

Thanks for your time today, and please Contact Us anytime with any other questions you might have.