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What St. Louis Homeowners Say About XteriorPRO’s Process


A Sampling Of What St. Louis Homeowners
Feel About Our Window Replacement Process

See What Folks Have Been Saying From Across St. Louis

It’s always been important to do your homework on St. Louis window replacement companies before signing any dotted lines. However, these days it’s critical. You’ve got to vet and verify!

Thankfully modern technology makes it much easier than it used to be.

Today you can hop online, dig through testimonials from folks in our area, and get a much better idea of what a company is like. Before diving into a sample of our Genuine Customer Reviews, let’s look at some important things to watch for as you scan through this type of ‘social proofing’ (aside from authenticity, of course):

  • How are people describing the way they’re treated?
  • What are they saying about bids, pricing, and the quality of the windows themselves?
  • What are the parts of the contractor’s window replacement process that stood out?
  • In terms of installation, what sort of descriptors are they using? Detailed? Thorough? Clean & Tidy? Professional? Timely?

Below we’ve assembled a handful of 5-star reviews from fellow St. Louis homeowners who hired us to replace old windows with our Premium Triple-Pane windows. In this first one, Mary touches on something we’re widely known for: upgrading lower-quality work done by previous contractors!

Review From Mary, H.

“I’ll always use XteriorPRO / Window Depot. After other contractors made a mess of my house, they were able to correct it. I feel they’re honest & they always work with you.”


We ARE honest – to the core. And yes, we’re happy to work with you and get everything done right. You want a spares-no-details, considers-everything, Professional Window Installer…and we come through.

We’ve been in this industry a long time, and we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. This is why a good portion of our window replacement jobs are direct referrals from friends, coworkers, and family.

Review From Liz, B.

For Liz, her review is focused on our process. And she’s right, we’re one of those friendly local companies that go out of our way to provide a great experience. With remodeling being a somewhat stressful step, it really helps!

“XteriorPRO/Window Depot did my insulated siding, designer roof, windows, and gorgeous stained glass patio door and side windows. The customer service and workmanship were incredible. They went out of their way to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction. We love everything they did and could not be more pleased. It’s a breath of fresh air to find such an amazing and ethical contractor. I have referred them to family that were just as pleased and would highly recommend XteriorPRO/Window Depot to anyone.”


Tim gets more specific. He mentions our knowledgeable and professional consultants, and how our proactive, convenient approach to project communication is on-point.

Review From Tim, N.

“Met with XteriorPRO / Window Depot to get a bid on replacement windows and a New Entry Door going out to our deck. They were knowledgeable and professional and had great detail on their products. We ordered new windows and door and the communication was top-notch. Their crew removed the old windows and door and installed new products in a very efficient and professional manner.”


In this next part of Tim’s review, he talks about our no-compromises attitude towards defects and shipping issues. They happen. When they do, you need a company that will be in your corner, handling everything promptly.

“They noticed a small defect in two of the windows and one of the windows was missing a screen, so they immediately contacted the factory and got replacements on the way and made repairs. We’re very satisfied with the quality of the windows and installation.”


Review From Keisha, D.

Whether the projects are small, average-sized, or more demanding, both our workmanship and quality control methods are ready. It’s common for families with larger projects (20-30+ windows) to split them into smaller segments.

From step one, we ensure you’re glad you chose us!

“My husband and I had a fairly large job to replace our original windows (17 1st-phase). We met with several companies who gave us bids, and XteriorPRO / Window Depot was the one for us. From the beginning, our salesperson was very professional, informative, and attentive to our needs. Our installers were so efficient, they were very thorough, they cleaned up behind themselves, were in and out, and did a fantastic job. We love our new windows. They’ve added value to our home, both in efficiency and beauty. We have one more phase to go. Looking forward!”

At The End Of The Day: We’re A Trustworthy Remodeler

Over the last decade alone (our experience spans a much longer period of time), our team has built a rock-solid reputation based on our friendly customer-first service, our smooth process, and the value we represent. Feel free to browse our hundreds of reviews and votes, and when you’re ready, reach out and Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you!