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What To Do With Rotting Wood Around Windows

Rotting Window Covered In Cobwebs

What To Do With Rotting Wood Around Windows In St. Louis

Homeowners in St. Louis need to have fully sealed and functioning windows during our harsher months. Here’s what to do if you find rotting wood.

Oh no, those dated windows have been coming into contact with good old St. Louis rain and weather norms for too long, and now there’s rot present. While most leaks in homes come from elsewhere, like your roof or basement, water damage is never a good thing.

You might not be able to see what’s really going on in there, inside the wood in your window frames. Leaks could appear, but can you really tell if there’s water damage or mold growing inside?

Nope. Not until you have a professional inspect it or during Replacement Window Installation.

Then the real story is revealed!

The bottom line is, you don’t want to leave rotting frames alone for several important reasons, especially here in the Greater St. Louis area.

  1. Mold: If your rotting window frames are left untreated for long enough, mold is almost assuredly going to grow. And once mold shows up, you’re dealing with a whole host of other issues, not only for the house and wooden framing elements around the windows but for the health of everyone inside.
  2. The Spread: Again, untreated wood rot is always an issue whether it’s around your windows or not. Aside from mold, the moisture will spread and be absorbed into more wood as it goes.
  3. The Leaks: Eventually, or perhaps in rather short order, you’ll be dealing with leaks around windows. In the winter, with freezing temperatures and temperature swings, the problems continue to exacerbate – meanwhile, you’re losing energy efficiency.

Solution: High-Quality, Replacement Windows

But what kind of windows should you choose? Double pane? Triple pane? Which manufacturer? And at which price point? How many of the windows should you replace?

These questions and many others tend to bombard homeowners when they start considering window replacement. For superior quality and long-term performance, we focus on ProVia Vinyl Triple Pane Windows.

  • Triple-pane benefits and features at double-pane prices.
  • Our windows use Argon gas for greater fills and energy efficiency.
  • Frames are filled with high-density foam for better insulation & condensation resistance.
  • We combine high-tech weatherstripping, interlocking bottom sashes, sloped sills, and reinforced fiberglass rods for superior air & water protection.
  • Special balance systems make our double-hung windows glide up with feather-touch effort, while tilt-in sashes let you clean the exterior glass from inside your home.
  • Ventilation latches allow fresh outdoor air into your home while also providing peace-of-mind security.

What’s important is that you get replacements and work with a window company that’s happy to help with repairs. If the rot is bad enough, we need to install new jambs, brickmoulds, and casings for example.

Cheap windows aren’t a long-term fix!

Sure, you might see some improvement in your energy bills temporarily, but this band-aid-like solution won’t last. For example, even if the cheap windows from a big box store have a nice 25-year warranty, the rot is going to demand replacement FAR sooner.

After a decade serving homeowners across St. Louis Metro, we’ve got a proven process and the first-rate service to back it. Plus, we have hundreds of genuine 5-star reviews from people in the area attesting to how friendly and accommodating we are.

If you’re ready for a professional window inspection and to see what your options are, simply Contact XteriorPRO, and we’ll get the ball rolling. Don’t let rotting wood around your windows spoil your energy efficiency and create an unsightly mess. We can help.