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What To Expect During a Window Installation


What To Expect During A Window Installation With XteriorPRO

No one does high-quality ‘down-to-the-finest-detailreplacement windows and doors in St. Louis like we do here at XteriorPRO. In fact, we tend to attract the type of homeowners who themselves are big sticklers for details.

They aren’t looking to invest in average anything.

For example, when it comes to the specific type of replacement windows, they want nothing but the best: cutting-edge Triple-Pane models from ProVia. For our St. Louis Metro area, they’re simply better: better efficiency, better comfort, and better value at the end of the day.

The ProVia Entry Doors we install are also hyper-efficient, absolutely gorgeous, mega-durable, and they provide outstanding security without all the maintenance or upkeep.

But let’s talk about window installation because no matter how good a home improvement product is, it’s all for not if your installers don’t take the time to consider EVERYTHING and get the job done right.

And you want to enjoy the experience!


So, let’s talk about our Window Installation Process for St. Louis Metro area homeowners.

We’re The Senior A-Team, Not Fresh-Faced Industry Freshmen

At XteriorPRO, we’re known for being not just warm, friendly, and concerned about our customers but top-to-bottom professionals.

No high-pressure sales. No focus on profits over people. No nonsense whatsoever. Companies who don’t treat their customers with the utmost respect are really not interested in becoming a long-term part of the community like we are. They’re just another flash in the pan in an industry where they’re unlikely to make it 3-5 years.

Do you want to work with an exterior remodeling company that sees you and your home as just another quick paycheck?

Do you want to work with substandard, low-paid installers from volume-based companies?

Do you want to work with crews who cut corners, skip the deeper complex details, and do everything they can to move on to the next project as soon as possible?

No. No. And No!

Aside from all the ways we’ve polished and perfected Our Process, here are a handful of examples of how we ensure you have a great window installation experience and get high-performance windows that last.

  • Thicker Trim Coil: Between the rough opening of a window and the window framing is a gap. They aren’t designed to fit like gloves. There needs to be some give. This is where the trim coil is added. Low-quality contractors will use cheaper flimsy coils to add margins to their project’s bottom line, but we use heavy-duty titanium alloy that has its finish baked on rather than painted, so it doesn’t fade. They also have an ultra-thin layer of aluminum oxide to ensure they properly resist atmospheric and chemical corrosion.
  • Superior Insulation: One major issue with cheaper replacement window models is the batten-based insulation around windows. They basically become sponges and absorb the moisture that touches them over time. What you can end up with is everything from mildew to mold! Not to mention the costs of repairing water damage. This is why we use low-expansion, closed-cell foam. It’s superior insulation without the weaknesses.
  • Flawless Workmanship: Simply put — at XteriorPRO, we aren’t satisfied until you’re 100% satisfied. Not 90%. Not even 99%. But 100%. No matter how small the detail, if something is off, we will take care of it. This practice is in our company’s DNA.
  • High-Paid Professionals: Incredible workmanship and attention to detail require experience. We aren’t a volume-based business. We care about results. We don’t care how fast windows can be installed, and we don’t tolerate sloppy work (or installers who keep a sloppy work area). So, we pay a premium and pay our seasoned certified installers DOUBLE the ‘average’ wage. Our installers are trained for perfection.

Bottom Line: Expect A Great Experience & Professional Installation

A great window installation experience starts with the initial consultation. No sales tricks or hour-long living room pitches. You should get quality information, expert insight, and a genuine product specialist who can walk you through each feature and detail.

Along with fair pricing, you should enjoy a smooth top-notch installation by professionals — not average contractors chasing a buck. They’ll ensure you and your home are prepared and accommodate whatever they need so you feel completely comfortable. To learn more about how we do things, reach out to XteriorPRO today, and we’ll be happy to take the time and give you a total rundown. We very much look forward to speaking with you!