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What to Expect From Your James Hardie Siding Installation

What to Expect From Your James Hardie Siding Installation

What to Expect From Your James Hardie Siding Installation

When it comes to siding installation, it doesn’t get better than James Hardie fiber cement siding. The Hardie fiber cement siding we offer at XteriorPRO is vibrant in color, thicker than vinyl, and resists water unlike wood, making it the best ROI for siding on the market. It’s no wonder that so many homeowners are making the switch to fiber cement siding.

In fact, you may have already scheduled a siding installation, and now the big day is looming closer. So what can you expect from the installation?

Before The Siding Installation

XteriorPRO will keep an eye on the weather forecast for the days leading up to the siding installation. If there’s any chance of delays, we’ll give you as much advance notice as possible. If not, the project will proceed as scheduled. Make sure you have a power outlet free for the installation team to plug in their equipment and remove anything from the walls, as siding installation can cause a vibration along the interior walls. You can choose to stay home for the project, although it will be noisy, but if you choose to leave for the day, make sure the project manager has your contact information.

The Siding Installation

Our siding installation crew will arrive on time, where the project manager will confer with you before the project begins. First, the old siding will be removed and disposed of in a dumpster brought in for the project. Often, we remove siding one wall at a time in order to protect the rest of the home from the elements as we work. The new siding will be applied and then we’ll move on to the next wall.

Siding installation takes usually between 1-2 weeks, so while we’re not working on your home, the portion of the wall not covered in new siding will be wrapped in protective house wrap. This house wrap will remain under your siding to offer another protective barrier from the elements. During the project, there may be a mess, so it’s a good idea to keep children and pets out of the way.

After the Siding Installation

Once the installation is complete, our team will do a thorough cleanup and ensure that there are no finishing repairs that need to be made. Once the job is done completely to your satisfaction, we’ll leave you to it. From there, you can enjoy fiber cement siding with stronger insulation, durability, and energy efficiency than your previous siding — as well as a fresh, vibrant look that’s sure to boost your curb appeal.

Have any more questions about what to expect from your James Hardie fiber cement siding installation? Contact XteriorPRO today for more information or a free quote.