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When To Replace Old Windows

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When To Replace Old Windows

Old windows can have a charm to them that many new homeowners love. They have character. They have past lives before you came to the house. But old windows are not meant to last forever and sometimes if they outlast their functionality, the house can suffer. It’s time to be realistic about your old windows — do you need to replace them?

Then again, how do you know exactly when it’s time to replace a window. If you’ve had no experience with replacement windows before, this may be all new to you. In today’s blog, let’s break down how you’ll know when to replace your old windows.

Window Repair vs. Replacement Windows

Not every window problem leads to replacing the window, and if you have historic windows that you’d like to keep for longer, you might prefer to repair them. If the glass panes are broken, you may be able to keep the frame and replace the glass. Sealing issues could be a matter of adding more caulking or weatherstripping to the windows.

However, in the event that the window sash is broken or warped, you’ll probably need to replace the window rather than replacing it. Frames can be repainted, but if the frame is wood and has begun to rot or form mold or mildew, it’s time to replace that window.

Drafty Windows

Have you ever noticed the air gets a little cooler when you walk past one of your windows? Do they fog up on winter nights? These are both signs of windows that aren’t very well sealed anymore. As stated above, sometimes that can be solved by simply resealing the window or replacing the weather stripping for the winter. In some cases, however, the air is leaking through the glass itself, not through any gaps in the frame. This is a sign of old windows, windows that are no longer functional and won’t make your home very comfortable. In these cases, it’s better to replace them and opt for newer, hardier windows.

Out With Single Pane Windows

Sometimes it’s less that the window isn’t functional at all and more that there are other windows that are more functional. Most old windows are single pane windows, meaning they only have one pane of glass within the frame. These thin windows were all well and good thirty or forty years ago, but today there are too many options that outpace them. There are double pane and even triple pane windows available to homeowners throughout the area. Our triple pane windows are filled with gas fillings, both non toxic and odorless gases that help to slow heat loss and air leakage through windows.

Energy Efficiency

Have you noticed that your heating and cooling bills are abnormally high? It might be because your windows aren’t very energy efficient.

We’ve talked about old windows letting in drafts or allowing heat to escape your home. All of this makes your heating have to work that much harder in order to warm your home, in turn resulting in high heating bills.  You might not even notice that the problem is your windows right away.

New windows, especially triple pane windows from a reliable manufacturer, will be more energy efficient and can bring your heating bills back down to a reasonable level which will also prolong the life of your HVAC unit.

Home Value

It’s one thing to hold on to your quirky old windows because you like the character they have. But those windows will probably lower your home value and might not be as charming to potential homebuyers.

Most homebuyers prefer the latest, most up-to-date appliances and features. That includes windows. Latest windows will be more durable, more energy efficient, and sleeker than old windows. They can also come in all kinds of styles and with decorative glass, so you can still have the charm and elegance you want while offering modern performance.

Homebuyers will be willing to pay more for more recent windows and your home value will likely go up.

Less Hassle

Replacing your windows is more expensive than repairing your windows, sure.

But if you’re trying to preserve old windows, you may have to pay for repairs frequently. This can become quite a hassle, both in terms of long-term cost and in terms of all the time that you put into those repairs.

The truth is that sometimes having your windows replaced is simply easier, especially with a trustworthy window replacement contractor and installation crew. It comes down to the amount of work that you’re willing to put in. Old windows are a lot of maintenance — is that something you can commit to? If not, consider replacing the windows with something that still fits within your aesthetic preference.


Finally, your old windows might be a risk when it comes to your home security.

Studies show that twenty-three percent of home invaders tend to use first floor windows to get into the home. Old windows tend to be more thinly constructed, and thus are easier to break into. Newer windows are built with the statistics about home invaders in mind.

Triple pane windows are more durable, and most double hung windows include double-locking mechanisms in order to further fortify the windows. The newer and higher quality your window, the better home security you’ll have.

What To Do With the Old Windows

It can be hard to say goodbye to your old windows, but you don’t have to throw them away and let them go to waste.

You can repurpose the frames for an art project or convert them into large picture frames instead. Some homeowners going for a more rustic or farmhouse look even convert their old windows into coffee tables. In this way, you can keep all the things you loved about your window without your home suffering.

Ready to replace your old windows? Contact XteriorPRO today for more information or a free estimate to get started today.