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In The Replacement Windows World,

All The Time…
Every Time

BOGO is one of the St. Louis area’s favorite words and is a guaranteed attention getter for advertisers. It even has a legitimate purpose. Retailers accept the lost profits of giving away their products to get people into their stores or websites. The idea is that it’s a small price to pay for gaining new life-long customers.

Besides, folks almost always end up buying more than just the BOGO item. Everyone wins!

But when it comes to replacement windows, there’s only one winner in the BOGO game — and it’s not you.

Why BOGO Doesn’t Work For Replacement Windows

Now that we understand why BOGO works so well in retail, let’s talk about why it can’t be anything but a scam when it comes to replacement windows.

The trade-off in a BOGO offer is acquiring new sales that you wouldn’t get any other way. It works because people come back again and again. But replacement windows last anywhere from 20 to 40 or more years. Once you buy them, it’s doubtful that you will ever buy them again in your lifetime.

Now, it’s important to understand how windows are manufactured. All windows are custom-built on demand. There’s simply no way to predict the glass options, styles, or dimensions that a customer will need, so manufacturing windows ahead of time just isn’t done.

Every window they build has already been sold before the first cut is made. So there is no overstock just laying around gathering dust in some mythical replacement window warehouse.

Then how does a window company make up for the lost profits from their BOGO offer? Short answer? They can’t. Not in the traditional way, anyway.

So What’s Really Going On?

No window company could afford to give away a free window for every one they sold. Even the “Buy Two Get One Free” offers would sink a replacement window company in a hurry — if it were an honest deal. And that’s why those offers are always smoke and mirrors.

Say a window company needs to sell their windows for $600 each to make enough profit to keep the business going. But they know that can build into a rather scary number with a whole house window replacement.

Let’s say your home has ten windows that are all the same size, just to keep things simple. Now let’s add $200 per window for installation. Now you’re staring at an $8000 quote for ten windows. That’s $600 windows plus the $200 install for each. That’s a major investment.

Now, let’s take those same windows and price them at $1200 each, but keep the installation at $200 per window. Now you’re looking at $14,000. “But wait! Lucky you, there’s a BOGO promotion on, so your price is only $8,000 if you act now!”

Suddenly, that major $8,000 investment has turned into you saving SIX GRAND!

The “Buy Two Get One Free” promotion is even worse. You’d be paying $10,800 for the same windows and bumping their per window profit by an extra $240. But all you’ll know at the time is that you just saved $3,200 on your windows.

It isn’t so much that you lose as it is that you never gain. Plus, deals like that can push people into buying when they aren’t ready out of fear that they’ll “lose out on the deal.”

How To Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself from this and other scams used by many St. Louis replacement window companies is easy. Accept that, no matter the offer, you will never get a single window for free. Never.

The only discount that is based on reality is a modest 10% discount for signing on the first visit. And that’s because signing on day one really does save the window company money. It makes their sales force more efficient, which allows fewer reps to cover more ground.

Outside of that, ignore the “savings” they are pushing and make your decision based on the cost. If it sounds like a fair value, go for it. Just make sure to research the company that plans to install your replacement windows before giving them the job.

If you think it’s time to replace the windows on your St. Louis area home, contact us at XteriorPRO / Window Depot USA of St. Louis for a free quote.