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Why Choose Triple Pane Replacement Windows

triple pane window design with xteriorpro

Why Choose Triple Pane Replacement Windows

Windows do more than simply offering a view and adding light to a room. The right windows can help to insulate your home, while cheap windows can often lead to too much heat loss, drafts, and high heating and cooling bills. Fortunately, when you have triple pane replacement windows installed by XteriorPRO, heat loss isn’t something you’ll have to worry about. Thinking about having replacement windows installed? Here are some of the reasons to choose triple pane replacement windows:

Energy Efficiency

Triple pane replacement windows are made up of three panes of glass: an exterior pane, interior pane, and one pane in the center. Between each pane of glass is a non-toxic, odorless gas like krypton or argon gas. This gas slows the flow of heat from one side of the window to the next, so the warm cozy feeling of your home doesn’t get out. Best of all, your heating and cooling bills won’t go up because of these windows. They’re the most energy efficient options available.

Low Emissivity

This plays into the energy efficiency, and will come in handy when summer comes around. Because these windows are denser and have that extra pane of glass, they’re particularly low-E. This means that they’re more likely to reflect heat than to allow it to pass through the window, so your room won’t feel stuffy and hot next to the windows. It also blocks harmful UV rays from the sun, protecting everyone in your household, as well as protecting your furniture and flooring from sun bleaching.

Comfort and Privacy

When your windows are the most energy efficient option available, they don’t just lower your heating and cooling bills. They also make your home more comfortable. No more worry of drafts, stuffy areas, or window condensation. You can also rest easy knowing that triple pane windows offer more soundproofing. You won’t be kept up late with the sound of nearby traffic or noisy neighbors. With these windows, your home can truly be a place to find peace and quiet.

Interested in triple pane windows for your home? Contact XteriorPRO today to learn about more benefits they can offer your home or for a free quote.