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Why James Hardie Is The “Kleenex” Of Fiber Cement Siding In St. Charles & St. Louis

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James Hardie Is Synonymous With Fiber Cement Siding…
Because It’s Been On The Cutting-Edge Of Innovation Since The 1980s!


In St. Charles and St. Louis—and the rest of the world, actually—James Hardie is to fiber cement siding what Kleenex is to facial tissue. What Band-Aid is to bandages. What Chapstick is to lip balm. What Q-Tip is to cotton swabs.
The brand name is so powerful that people use it as the term for the actual product.
Think about it…

Have you heard of another brand of fiber cement siding besides James Hardie? Probably not. You likely didn’t even know other brands existed. (The only reason I do is that it’s, well, in my job description.)
It makes sense.

James Hardie was the first fiber cement siding manufacturer, creating the product in the mid-1980s. That’s a shocker to most homeowners. Hardie siding has exploded in popularity in the past decade (10-million homes and counting), so people assume it’s a new product. And fiber cement siding is such a unique and innovative product that it feels like a 21st-century invention.
But it’s not.

Fiber cement siding was around when Reagan was in office, giant hair was a thing, and basketball shorts were short.

Often Imitated. Never Duplicated.

In the past 30+ years, copycats have sprung up. Other siding companies have tried to get their slice of profits from the fiber-cement pie.

Yet James Hardie has retained market domination. Not just because they’ve been around the longest… because they’re the one fiber cement company that has continually produced groundbreaking innovation after groundbreaking innovation.

And that is the true secret of how James Hardie became the “Kleenex” of fiber cement siding.

Hardie siding is so head-and-shoulders superior to the competitors that it’s built an ironclad reputation for being THE only choice for fiber cement siding. If your fiber cement siding isn’t James Hardie, it’s a pretender. A phony. A knockoff Rolex that kind of looks like the real deal—but keeps time as well as a potato.

Here’s a quick list of Hardie innovations to show you why industry professionals and homeowners both agree that it’s “Hardie or the highway” for fiber cement siding:

  • Climate-Customized: James Hardie custom-crafts its siding for specific regions. They have options for cold climates, hot climates, and everywhere in between.
  • Wood Looks Without The Maintenance: Hardie siding replicates the look of wood with unbelievable accuracy. Unlike other kinds of fiber cement siding, you literally cannot tell it’s not wood unless you’re nose-to-nose with it.
  • ColorPlus Technology: ColorPlus Technology is Hardie’s proprietary finish that they apply in a controlled factory setting. It resists cracks, chips, and fading better than ANY other finish on the market.
  • Supreme Durability: Hardie has pioneered technology and materials that allow their siding to withstand the nastiest weather Mother Nature can throw at it.

That’s the “in a nutshell” version. To see many more details about Hardie’s superiority, visit the Siding section of our website—specifically, the Why Fiber Cement page.

Photo of a house in the St. Louis Metro Area With Fiber Cement Siding by James HardieJames Hardie Fiber Cement Siding In St. Charles & St. Louis: Free Quote

If I sound like a cheerleader for James Hardie siding, it’s because I am.

And the reason I am is that the company continues to make groundbreaking advancements to its fiber cement siding to this day. James Hardie is fanatically devoted to continuous improvement… even though they already make the hands-down best fiber cement siding on the market.

That is why James Hardie fiber cement siding feels like a new invention, despite being around since the 1980s.

And that is why James Hardie is the “Kleenex” of fiber cement siding.

If you’re interested in installing beautiful new “Kleenex” on your St. Charles or St. Louis home, get in touch today. We would be honored to discuss your project with you.

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