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Why We Pay Our Window Installers 2x The St. Louis Metro Average

Replacement Window Installer

Why We Pay Our Window Installers 2x The St. Louis Metro Average

It Allows Our Crews To Slow Down & Do Your Job 100% Right The First Time.


You may not know it, but virtually all St. Louis Metro window companies pay their installers per window. If the installers replace 10 windows on your home, they get paid for 10 windows. If they replace 47 windows on your home, they get paid for 47 windows.

This system makes sense and works well—under the right circumstances. The issue is that the big corporate companies (i.e., the “Wal-Marts” of the window industry) tend to pay a dirt-cheap wage per window.

This is can be problematic for the installer… and for YOU.

For the installer, it means he has to install a lot of windows to put food on the table. He’s always in a rush to get through as many windows as he can just to make a living.

For you, it means sloppy installation. The installer could be a master craftsman with 20 years of experience… but the workmanship will suffer if he’s cutting corners and hurrying the installation. He just doesn’t have time to perform premium workmanship and double-check his work.

Think of it this way…

You’re an expert at your job… but what if your boss tells you to complete a complex 10-hour project in 3 hours?

Sure, you could get it done. But since you’re sacrificing quality for speed, you’d have to cut a lot of corners in the process. You’d have no choice!

We Pay Our Installers More Per Window To Prevent This.

We’re not some big corporate window chain consumed by profits, profits, profits. We’re a locally owned company that simply insists on doing things RIGHT. Zero Compromises.

That’s why I pay my installers 2x more than the St. Louis metro average. This way, they don’t have to make a mad dash to replace as many windows as possible. They can slow down and do your job 100% correctly the first time.

Here are a few things that happen when you allow talented window installers the “time to shine”:

  • They can be hyper-meticulous with their caulking for perfectly straight lines.
  • They can be more diligent when removing the old window to avoid damaging the walls and trim around it.
  • They can actually take the time to properly shim the window to make sure it’s square and plumb.
  • They can go back and double-check their work with a fine-tooth comb to ensure everything is exactly right.

St. Louis Metro Window ReplacementOur Window Installers Take Longer… Because They Can.

Does our replacement window installation take longer than average? A little bit.

Is it worth the small extra wait? Absolutely.

After all—replacing your windows isn’t exactly cheap. You want to make certain it’s done right the first time. We’re the window company that can make that happen.

To prove it, we protect your window replacement with a no-strings Lifetime Warranty. On the ultra-rare occasion that we make an installation mistake (no one’s perfect!), we fix it for you. For FREE. For LIFE. No exceptions.

For details on how we provide top-notch window replacement, visit our Window Installation page. You’ll discover that no detail is too small for us; we consider EVERYTHING.

As well we should. We’ve got the time, after all.