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XteriorPRO Can Assist In the Window Design For Your Home

triple pane window design with xteriorpro

XteriorPRO Can Assist In the Window Design For Your Home

Moving into a new home and just need the perfect windows to make it your dream home? Maybe you’re building a new construction and you need to decide what windows to include in the construction. Or maybe you just want to add more lighting into a fixer upper and windows seem like the best way to go. Regardless, once you know that it’s time to add new windows, the next question is what kind of windows.

Fortunately, when you work with a professional window team, you have experts at your side who can help not just with the installation but with consultation and design help for your windows. Need help with the window design for your home? Here are some things to think about.

The Right Manufacturer

It’s not enough to have a window that looks good the first day you purchase it. You also want windows that will last for decades to come, offering beautiful views and natural lighting as well as insulation and energy efficiency. For a truly quality window, you need a truly quality manufacturer. At XteriorPRO, we offer only top notch products from the top manufacturers. When it comes to windows, that means ProVia, the most trusted window company in the country. ProVia works closely with Energy Star for the best energy efficiency, and we recommend them to anyone in need of new windows.

Single, Double, Triple Pane Windows

Next, consider panes. Windows these days come in single pane, double pane, and triple pane. Double pane and triple pane windows contain multiple panes of glass in the frame. In between panes of glass is non-toxic odorless gas — usually krypton or argon. Double pane is better than single pane when it comes to blocking air leakage and heat loss, but triple pane is the best available. It even helps to reduce sound penetration so you can enjoy peace and quiet within your own home. These are great options if you’re hoping to enjoy home comfort at any time of year and possibly lower your heating and cooling bills while you’re at it.

Window Style

Once you’ve settled on the quality of the window and the manufacturer, the next thing to decide is the window style. Fortunately, when you work with XteriorPRO, you have all the options you could want in terms of window styles. We offer all the standard styles including:

  • Double-hung
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Bay, bow, and garden
  • Horizontal sliders
  • Picture windows

Double hung windows are by far the most popular window style, with two fully operable sashes so they’re able to offer truly customizable ventilation. However, casement windows are also a great choice and one that closes completely within the frame for a better seal. Horizontal sliders are perfect for kitchen windows, while bay, bow, and garden windows can help enlarge the perception of a small room. Picture windows are also a great choice as they can come in all shapes and sizes, but are fixed.

Other Features

We don’t just offer options when it comes to the type of window. You also have your choices when it comes to decorative features like frames. ProVia offers both vinyl frames and wood-vinyl frames, a well-loved choice that involves interior wood frames for the elegance and warmth and exterior vinyl frames for the energy efficiency. You can get these frames in traditional white or in beige, sandstone, and bronze. You also have a choice between several different woodgrains like oak and cherry. But your windows can also be painted upon request with colors like forest green, geneva blue, vallis red and more.

Want windows that really make a statement? Consider having decorative glass installed. Our decorative glass options come in floral styles, gem styles, or other opulent designs. Some of the glass is frosted while others are left crystal clear to further stand out. And on the note of frosted glass, we have glass privacy options perfect for bathroom windows and the like. To top it all off, we offer two different screen options so you can enjoy the view and the fresh air while keeping insects and other pests out of your home.

Where To Install New Windows

If you’re having replacement windows installed, the question of where they’ll go is easy. They simply replace the old windows. But this is not the case when it comes to new window installations. In this case, you’ll have to be strategic about where you’d like windows to be installed, and for that you have to consider both the inside and outside of your home.

Your goal is likely to add more natural light into the space, so make sure that you don’t install a window that would be too far into the shade or that wouldn’t get the most sunlight. An east-facing or west-facing room would probably be best.

There’s also a question of where on the wall to install the window. For living rooms, large windows are often installed in the center of the room so the view is at eye level with most guests. In the kitchen, the window is most often installed over the kitchen sink, though there might be one or two others for added light. In a home office, bedroom, or even in the living room, you might have clerestory windows — awning windows installed high on the wall so that light floods down into the room. It’s all a matter of the kind of windows you want and the kind of lighting you want for the space.

XteriorPRO can help you settle on the perfect window design, the perfect windows, and the perfect place to install them in your home. Contact us today for more information or to get started with a free quote.