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You Can’t See How Our Triple-Pane Replacement Windows Beat Others… You Can FEEL It

How Our Triple-Pane Replacement Windows Beat Others

You Can’t See How Our Triple-Pane Replacement Windows Beat Others… You Can FEEL It

All Triple-Pane Windows Beat Double Pane.
But Here’s Why Our Triple Pane Beats Other Triple Pane.


If you’ve visited our Why Triple Pane page, you know triple-pane replacement windows in the St. Louis metro area trounce double-pane windows in energy efficiency. What we haven’t talked about is that some triple-pane windows are more energy efficient than others. How? Because of a feature that’s literally invisible to the human eye: the gas fill between the panes.

There are two main gas fills for windows: argon and krypton. Of those two, window manufacturers use argon much more often. There is more of it in the world, so it’s cheaper.

When compared to ordinary air, argon is hands-down more energy efficient. Its thermal conduction is two-thirds that of air, so it’s a MUCH better insulator. As a result, argon-infused windows absolutely will reduce your home’s energy loss when compared to windows with air between the panes.


If you’re looking for MAXIMUM efficiency in a gas fill, krypton is the undisputed heavyweight champ. It’s more than twice as dense as argon. And since it’s made up of smaller particles, it completely fills the space between your windows’ panes.

I’ll explain.

Picture a swimming pool packed with basketballs. The basketballs would fill up the pool, sure. But their large size would create small gaps between each ball. That, in a nutshell, is how argon gas fits between window panes.

Now picture a swimming pool filled with golf balls. Since they’re smaller, the golf balls can be packed in tighter. As a result, there are virtually zero gaps. That’s how krypton gas fits between window panes.

What this means for you: It’s practically impossible for the heat in your home to slip through gaps among krypton particles. And since heat can’t escape your home, YOU save money on your energy bills.

The (small) catch? Since krypton is a lot rarer than argon, it costs manufacturers more to use it in their windows. As a result, many window replacement companies in the St. Louis metro area don’t offer krypton as a gas fill option.

That’s a shame, too, because krypton is the ideal gas fill for triple pane. That middle pane in a triple-pane window creates a tighter space inside the glass. Since argon is made of larger particles, it can’t fill triple-pane replacement windows as completely as krypton can (think back to the swimming pool analogy above).

Make no mistake: Argon-infused triple-pane windows are still superior to double-pane windows, no matter a double pane’s gas fill. But only krypton can FULLY tap into a triple-pane window’s true energy-saving potential.

As a Zero Compromises contractor, we’re one of the few window replacement companies that offer krypton as a gas-fill option. It does cost a little more up front than argon gas. But it pays for itself many times over with the additional energy savings you’ll experience year after year.

For in-depth technical details about krypton and argon gas, visit our Why Triple Pane page and scroll down to the “6 Reasons To Choose Our Triple Pane Windows” section. Then get in touch if you have questions.

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