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Referral Program

$50 Gift Card For Every Referral
Who Sets An Appointment!

You Get The Money, Even If Your Referral
Doesn’t Buy From Us.

Pretty much all home-improvement companies won’t pay you for a referral unless said referral actually buys. Even then, you typically don’t get your reward until after the project is complete. That can take months!

We think this is a strange setup. Why should your reward be based on whether someone else buys from us?

To figure out a better way, we brought in Dale The Referral Squirrel.

As you can see, Dale is not an actual squirrel. He’s a grown man in a squirrel costume. And he’s probably sweaty.

But that’s okay. Because he wants to reward you based on your actions—not whether the person you refer hires us. That’s why he doles out a $50 gift card for every person you refer who sets an appointment.

Your referral doesn’t have to buy from us; they only have to let us provide them with a free quote. Once they get the quote, we email you a code and activation instructions for your gift card within two business days.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send us. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors about us. If five of them set appointments, you get five gift cards ($250). If 10 set appointments, you get 10 gift cards ($500). The sky’s the limit.

If You’ve Been Referred By Someone

When you contact us for a free quote, let us know who referred you. We’ll follow up with them to make sure they receive their $50 gift card.

If You’re Referring Someone

If you know someone who needs our services, you can get referral credit the following ways:

  1. When your referral contacts us, make sure they mention you referred them.
  2. With your referral’s permission, you can provide us with their contact info, and we’ll follow up as quickly as possible. You can provide their info using the form below (please fill it out only if you have authorization from your referral).
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  • Your Referral's Info

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