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Master Elite® Installation

One Of The St. Louis Metro Area’s
Only Master Elite® Roof Installers.

Master Elite Companies Have A 99% Satisfaction Rating
& Provide You With The Strongest Warranties.

Master Elite certification is awarded to roofing companies that clear GAF’s rigid gauntlet of quality controls, tests, and criteria. As a result, only the top 3% of all roofers in the St. Louis metro area (and the entire country!) qualify for Master Elite status.

We’re proud to be one of them. 

Our Master Elite status ensures the best workmanship and warranties—period. For proof, here are some of the standards we must meet to maintain Master Elite status…

  • 99% Customer-Satisfaction Rating: GAF independently surveys our roofing customers. If we don’t satisfy at least 99% of them, we lose our Master Elite distinction.
  • At Least Seven Years In Business: Master Elite roofers have to prove they’re here to stay. That’s why GAF requires Master Elite roofers to have at least seven years in business and one year in GAF’s certification program.
  • “A” Rated With BBB: Master Elite roofing companies need to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have an “A” rating. We’re BBB-accredited and hold an “A+” rating!
  • $1 Million General Liability Coverage: If a roofer in the St. Louis metro area wants Master Elite status, they have to hold at least a million dollars in general liability coverage and offer proper workers compensation.
  • Financially Stable: Roofers must have a good credit rating, a clean bank record, pay their bills on time, and have no liens or unresolved judgments on their records.
  • Proper Contractor Licenses: This doesn’t seem like much of a hurdle, but you’d be amazed at how many roofers don’t have proper licensing. Since we work in Missouri and Illinois, we hold all appropriate licensing in two separate states.
  • No Low-Quality Products: Some roofers use cheaper, generic materials in the areas you can’t see (underlayment, decking, etc.) to save themselves some money. GAF forbids Master Elite roofers from using anything but GAF materials where relevant to ensure the highest-quality outcome.

Warning: Not All Master Elite Roofers Are Equal…

Master Elite roofers in the St. Louis metro area have the option to provide their customers with what’s called the Golden Pledge Warranty. This is GAF’s strongest warranty that includes 50 years of non-prorated protection on ALL materials, as well as a 25-year non-prorated warranty on all labor (workmanship, tear-off costs, disposal costs… everything). 

To qualify for the Golden Pledge Warranty, your Master Elite roofer must use all GAF products and adhere to strict installation standards that GAF outlines. For example, the Golden Pledge Warranty requires six nails per shingle instead of the industry-standard four. It also calls for GAF-brand underlayment instead of the low-quality generic underlayment many roofers use.

These requirements cost more and take a little longer than installing a roof that qualifies for GAF’s lower-level warranties. As such, few Master Elite roofers actually offer the Golden Pledge Warranty. Even the “big” companies doing tens of millions of dollars a year don’t provide it!

We, however, put our Master Elite status to good use and perform Golden Pledge-level roofing as much as possible.

That means all GAF products. That means an industry-leading 50-year warranty on materials. That means workmanship backed by GAF for a full 25 years (in addition to our own Lifetime Workmanship Warranty). 

Bottom line: Our Golden Pledge-quality work means YOU get the highest-quality roof replacement. Period.

More Examples Of Our Commitment To Roof Installation

Aside from adhering to Master Elite qualifications, we also perform other “above-and-beyond” details when roofing in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties. Here are a few examples…

GAF has chosen us as one of only a handful of contractors in the Midwest region to sit on the GAF Advisory Council. Every year, GAF puts on a four-day conference with the Advisory Council to discuss best practices, new products, and potential ideas. What’s talked about is confidential and known only by GAF and Advisory Council members. We’re not even allowed to tell our GAF representative what we discussed!

This means you don’t just get a Master Elite roofer when you choose us—you get one of just a handful of roofers in the U.S. that GAF trusts without equal

Pipe flashing (a.k.a. pipe booting) is a material that seals around the ventilation pipes on your roof. A common problem with pipe flashing is that the seal on the bottom can curl and corrode, which causes leaks.

We use what’s called Ultimate Pipe Flashing®. It’s made with a proprietary silicone material, which is impervious to rain, snow, humidity, and UV rays. As a result, Ultimate Pipe Flashing is guaranteed for the life of your roof system. 

GAF doesn’t require Ultimate Pipe Flashing for the Golden Pledge Warranty—it’s actually higher quality than what GAF dictates. But Ultimate Pipe Flashing is a downright revolution. The company that makes it specializes only in pipe flashing. They pour every resource, working hour, and bit of brain power into crafting pipe flashing that’s above and beyond everything else on the market.

GAF knows we’re always on the lookout for the best products. A few years ago, they asked us if we were interested in installing Ultimate Pipe Flashing. We immediately saw the product’s value, so we jumped at the chance.

Since Ultimate Pipe Flashing costs a little more than other flashing, we were the only roofer in the St. Louis metro area installing it for years. We even had to search far and wide for a supplier willing to special-order the product exclusively for us. 

To this day, roofers that install Ultimate Pipe Flashing in this area are extremely rare. We’re not only one of the few that install it… we’re one of the few that install it on EVERY roofing project.

Ventilation is one of the most important components of a roofing system. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the aspects roofers neglect most. 

That’s a problem. An unvented or improperly vented roof can cause major issues in your home, such as moisture buildup in your attic, uncomfortable temperatures in your home, and ice-dam formations on your roof. 

We install state-of-the-art ventilation systems on all roofing projects. Different kinds of ventilation are needed for different homes, so we offer customized solutions based on your needs. This helps keep your home comfortable while preventing high energy costs, mold growth, and structural damage caused by moisture. Proper ventilation also leads to a longer life for your shingles and roofing system.

Proper ventilation is an extremely important aspect of your roofing system. We ensure it gets the attention it demands.

When roofers install your underlayment (which protects from water penetration), they typically use staples because it’s cheap and quick—completion time is as fast as their installers can slap a stapler. The problem is that water can seep into the gaps between the underlayment and staples, defeating the underlayment’s purpose.

To prevent this, we use cap nails instead of staples. 

Cap nails are just that: nails with caps on them. Cap nails cost more than staples, and each one must be individually hammered. As a result, cap nails take three times as long as stapling and cost about three times more. But the results are three times better… and then some. The cap of the nail creates a moisture-proof barrier, so no water can penetrate your underlayment.

More Of Our Above & Beyond Roofing Practices

  • More Nails Per Shingle: Roofers typically use four nails per shingle. We use six to improve your roof’s wind resistance, durability, and longevity. 
  • Extra Ice & Water Shield: Standard industry practice is to install ice and water shield only in the valleys of a roof. We install it in the valleys, eaves, and all areas of potential water penetration. We also extend it further than industry standards to improve ice-dam resistance.
  • Mandatory Drip Edge: Drip edge helps control the flow of water away from the fascia and protects underlying roof components. While most companies make a drip edge optional, we install it on EVERY roof. It’s too important to be considered an “extra”—with us, it’s absolutely mandatory.
  • Approved Starter Strip Shingles: Many roofers cut the tabs off 3-tab shingles and use them as the “starter course” for your roof. Cut-up 3-tab shingles lack proper adhesion, so they can get damaged in high winds. We use GAF’s official Starter Strip Shingles to ensure maximum adhesion and wind protection.

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