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Need roofing, siding, or windows worked on in Glen Carbon? You can count on XteriorPRO.

Need roofing, siding, or windows worked on in Glen Carbon? You can count on XteriorPRO.

At XteriorPRO, we consider ourselves meticulous. We’re careful in the products we choose, ensuring they’re the best products that allow us to offer the longest warranties and offer our customers the best satisfaction. We’re thorough and upfront in providing our customers with fair quotes and all the information they need, without using high pressure sales tactics. And when it comes to the installation itself, we refuse to cut corners, ensuring only excellence from beginning to end of the job. Here are a few of the services we offer:


As roofers, we consider more than just the surface of the roof. We take into account what’s under the roof, making sure that’s strong and secure enough to hold up for years. We also take into account the gutter system, which is why we install gutter guards so that your gutters don’t clog and are better able to do their part in protecting your roof from water damage. It’s this kind of conscientious installation that makes us a GAF Master Elite certified roofer, something only 3% of roofing companies can say. We install a complex, layered roofing system that allows us to offer some of the longest warranties in the area.


The look of wood siding might be appealing, but it simply doesn’t hold up to the elements without heavy maintenance. That’s why James Hardie offers fiber cement siding, which can take on the look of woodgrain siding, but holds up to water, rot, and more for much longer than wood siding and with much less maintenance. James Hardie fiber cement siding is the most popular siding option in America, with some of the best ROI. So it’s no wonder that when it comes to our siding installations, we choose Hardie fiber cement every time, and we back it up with expert installation.


Some window companies use double pane windows in order to be more “energy efficient.” The theory is that the double panes of glass, with argon or krypton gas in between each pane, will slow the flow of heat through the window, thus sealing it inside and keeping your home comfortable while your heating and cooling bills stay low. At XteriorPRO, we use triple pane windows — only triple pane windows, because we trust only the strongest energy efficiency for our customers. That same standard applies to our sliding glass patio doors, and even our entry doors. When it comes to entry doors, we use ProVia because they make some of the strongest entry doors on the market and are one of the most trusted manufacturers out there today.

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