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Beautiful and Durable Roofing in Kirkwood, MO

XteriorPRO Offers Quality Roofing Using GAF Roofing Products

Your Kirkwood roof is best when it’s barely noticeable. That doesn’t mean the roof looks bad. In fact, a good roof should blend seamlessly with the rest of the design of your home, helping to boost your curb appeal in a subtle way. But you shouldn’t spend much time thinking about your roof. You should be able to simply enjoy the protection, energy efficiency, and durability it offers. If you’re thinking about your roof often, it’s probably because you’re struggling with poor ventilation, leaks, or roof rot. Fortunately, XteriorPRO can help with an expert roof replacement.


Kirkwood Homes Need a Full Roof System That Performs For Their Home

We’re no stranger to the extremes of Midwest weather in Kirkwood. Storms, falling leaves, strong winds, winter weather, and hot summers are all common here. If any part of your roofing system is weak, you could find yourself suffering. A roof needs more than just shingles to protect you from the elements. You need things like a gutter system, roof ventilation, moisture barriers, strong decking, and more to truly uphold your roof. If one part of your roofing system has failed, it could spell trouble for your whole roofing system. And if your new roof is lacking in one part of this roofing system, it may not be worth the investment.


Complex Roofing Systems Designed by GAF Roofing, Installed By XteriorPRO

GAF doesn’t content themselves with roofs that just have an aesthetically pleasing surface. Their roofs go deeper, offering complex systems that are truly meant to stand up to the elements, even in Kirkwood. These roofs are prepared for wind, rain, hot summers, and cold winters. Here are the benefits you’ll find with these roofs:

  • WeatherBlocker™ starter strip and Dura Grip™ adhesive
  • Leak barrier with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Moisture resistant barrier
  • Attic ventilation
  • GAF’s “Lifetime shingles”
  • GAF Golden Pledge Warranty, the best warranty in the industry


Why Choose XteriorPRO For Your Roofing Project

We don’t just offer GAF roofs; we’re a GAF Master Elite Roofer. That means we’re one of the 3% of roofers in the world who can use all of GAF’s best products and offer GAF’s best warranty, the GAF Golden Pledge. We’ve earned this because of our tried and true process, our true lifetime warranties on materials and labor — no catch, and our commitment to getting every little detail right, rather than cutting corners. We’re also a genuinely local company, so we live among the customers we serve, committed to their satisfaction.


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