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Spring and summer in St. Louis can be a sight to behold, which is why you want plenty of windows in your home to let in light and outdoor views. But it’s not just the views that matter. Winters can be harsh and storms can rage, so it’s important to have durable, energy efficient windows, as well. For truly quality replacement windows backed by expert installation, trust XteriorPRO.

Energy efficiency is essential to your St. Louis windows.

These days, when you go searching for replacement windows in St. Louis, you’ll see the term “energy efficiency” come up frequently. Energy efficient windows help to seal your home, keeping out cold air during the winter and hot air during the summer. They also help to reduce the amount of air that escapes the home. With energy efficient windows, you’ll save money on your heating and cooling bills throughout the year, as well as reducing your carbon footprint, and they’ll even help your home feel more comfortable.

Triple pane windows are the answer when it comes to energy efficient replacement windows.

There’s a reason why we offer only triple-pane windows at XteriorPRO. Double pane windows were constructed as an energy efficient, insulating solution to replacement windows, using krypton or argon gas in between each pane. We take it a step further with triple pane windows. The mixture of krypton and argon — both non-toxic, odorless gases — between each pane of glass helps to slow the flow of air so your home loses less conditioned air and receives fewer drafts. Here are the main benefits:

  • The most energy efficient option available
  • Stronger and more secure
  • Helps your home to feel more comfortable and even reduces sound penetration

The Right Replacement Windows From the Right Installation Team

XteriorPRO’s team are pros when it comes to installing triple pane replacement windows. Our windows are available in a wide variety of styles with decorative options so you can truly find the right option for your home. We offer lifetime workmanship warranties in addition to our product warranties. And we apply the same principle to our sliding glass patio doors — all made with triple panes for the best energy efficiency and security.

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Boost Your Views and Energy Efficiency With Triple Pane Replacement Windows From XteriorPRO

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