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Clear Communication

Clear Communication Is Our Calling Card

Proactively Communicating With Customers Is How
We Create Smooth And Efficient Experiences.

Unanswered calls, unreturned emails and voicemails, and overall lack of customer communication are sadly the norm in the home-improvement industry. So much so that the running joke is a contractor’s favorite game to play is Phone Tag.

We think poor contractor communication is just plain wrong. You’re spending a considerable amount of money on improving your home. You deserve better—MUCH better—than a contractor who constantly “goes dark,” doesn’t provide crystal-clear honesty, and falls off the face of the earth whenever you have a question. 

To eliminate this problem, we’ve created proactive, transparent customer-communication protocols. 

The truth is that good contractor communication is more than picking up the phone and returning voicemails. It’s providing direct, honest answers. It’s taking initiative and updating customers BEFORE they ask. It’s keeping customers in the loop so well that they know every detail as well as the contractor they hired.

That’s our kind of communication. 

Here is what you can expect…

We’re straight shooters who provide you with candid feedback and authentic solutions—not pie-in-the-sky promises to win your business. We guide you to what’s in YOUR best interest.

Our proposals are typically 10 to 15 pages and cover all conceivable details about your job. From a step-by-step outline of the work to be done to the dumpster location to the brand of caulk, our comprehensive proposals ensure you know everything.

That’s Co-Owner Jason Quillman’s personal cell phone number. Jason is extremely responsive and always ready and willing to take your call. And on the off chance you get his voicemail, Jason calls you back as soon as humanly possible. Bottom line: There are no gatekeepers here.

You won’t have to worry about being out of the loop or calling to get status updates. We’re proactive communicators who provide you with constant status reports on your project. Our customers love that we are the ones calling them—not the other way around.

Change orders are sometimes the nature of the home-improvement beast. If we start your installation and uncover an unforeseen problem, we notify you before we fix it. We discuss the issue and potential costs it will add, and then we let you decide how to proceed. We never perform work outside the scope of the contract without talking to you first.

When you call our office, you won’t get a guy on his cell phone driving his “office/truck” or a receptionist who treats your call like an inconvenience. You’ll talk to Jeff, Administrative Assistant Extraordinaire. Jeff has over 30 years of customer-service experience and has spent nearly a decade in the exterior-remodeling business. He is a pure professional who is genuinely happy to hear from you, and he’s more than qualified to help you with what you need.

We could go on and on about our crystal-clear communication protocols. But you won’t know just how awesomely we communicate until you pick up the phone and call us.

So get in touch today. Jeff is standing by to take your call.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“XteriorPRO Installed new architectural shingles and roofing components. Firm bidding process with no games. Excellent quality materials, workmanship, communication, and customer care.” —James, Wentzville, MO 63385
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