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No Customer Left Behind

No Customer Left Behind… Period

Our Weekly Roundtable Meetings Ensure
Your Project Is Always Moving Forward.

A big complaint that homeowners have about contractors is lack of follow through. 

Whether it’s a missed installation date or unreturned phone calls, “slips in the cracks” are common in this industry. As a result, your project becomes burdened with setbacks, agreed-on deadlines come and go, and the quality of the work may suffer.

At XteriorPRO/Window Depot USA of St. Louis, we’ve taken unique measures to eliminate problems related to lack of follow through… measures that ensure no customer gets left behind.

Here is how it works…

  • We hold company-wide weekly meetings every Tuesday. These meetings involve Co-Owners Lisa and Jason, all Project Consultants, and all Project Managers.
  • Before each meeting, we print off status reports for every open project. Open projects include everything from major exterior remodels to warranty work for a single crooked nail. 
  • We review and discuss the status of every project one at a time. We update each other on where we’re at with our individual responsibilities. Then work together to create a timetable and plan of action for the next steps of the project.


Wash, rinse, repeat every Tuesday.

These weekly roundtables guarantee your project gets the attention it deserves and is always moving forward. 

It’s rare that you’ll hear us say, “Oops, we forgot!” And you won’t experience easily avoidable schedule delays or have to wait months for us to fix a warranty issue. Few things slip through the cracks because we do everything we can to ensure there are no cracks.

Read our reviews page, and you’ll notice recurring terms like “punctual,” “responsive,” and “as promised.” That’s no coincidence. It’s the result of our weekly, company-wide No Customer Left Behind meetings.

What We Do When A Mistake Does Occur…

We make the occasional mistake like everyone else—no one is perfect 100% of the time. What separates us from other exterior remodelers in the St. Louis metro area is that we’re quick to take action. 

Listen to what a few of our customers said about our reaction time when there was an issue…

  • Samuel of Wildwood: “There was a problem with the work initially, but [Co-Owner] Jason was great about making it right and assuring that the problem got remedied. 100% satisfaction on customer service.”
  • Jim of St. Louis: “The crew arrived early in the morning as scheduled. Work was completed very well.  Had one minor problem, which was reported and corrected within hours of the report. I will use this company again if needed.”

Long story short: Protocols like our No Customer Left Behind meetings keep mistakes to a minimum… and ensure they’re fixed fast and efficiently when they do occur.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“My roof installation went extremely well. XteriorPRO showed up on time, with a properly supervised crew, and completed the work as scheduled. They followed up with me a week later to assure my satisfaction. At that time, they went on the roof to make another follow up inspection. These guys are good!” —Donald, St. Peters, MO 63376
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