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Our Process

Our Proven Process Ensures
A Pleasant, On-Time, On-Target Project

Here’s A Step-By-Step Snapshot Of How We
Ensure Smooth Sailing From Start To Finish.

At XteriorPRO/Window Depot USA of St. Louis, we’ve developed a thorough process we utilize on every job to help eliminate the setbacks, miscommunication, and mistakes that plague the average home-improvement project.

The result? A smooth project experience for YOU—from the first call to the final walkthrough.

Here is a step-by-step look at our process, so you know exactly what to expect when you work with us…

  • Give us a call to discuss your project in broad terms
  • You get a feel for who we are and how we conduct ourselves as a company
  • We ask you some questions about your project—what you’re looking for, your current problems, and so on
  • If both parties feel like it’s a good fit, we schedule an in-home Needs Analysis and Proposal
  • Once your appointment is scheduled, we assign you a Project Consultant and put together a detailed information package for them regarding your project
  • Before your appointment, we email you vital information—meeting time, what to expect, and a photo of the Project Consultant who will show up
  • During the appointment, we utilize a Needs Analysis document that consists of 17 carefully curated questions; here is some of what’s covered…
    • The problems you’re experiencing
    • The type of products, colors, and style you’re looking for
    • Your budget
    • Your sense of urgency for completing the project
    • If you have special requirements regarding construction noise, parking considerations, dumpster location (if applicable), your driveway, and property protection 
  • After the Needs Analysis questionnaire, your Project Consultant performs an inspection and measures your project area; the steps for this inspection vary based on the type of project…
    • For windows: Inspect each opening with you; determine styles, options, and colors; look for rot or other potential issues that could affect installation; physically measure each opening for quoting purposes
    • For roofing: Full-on roof inspection; attic analysis to determine ventilation needs; discuss colors, styles, and options 
    • For siding: Full walk-around of home with you to discuss the scope of work, colors, design options, and details; take photographs that will be utilized in the proposal we present you; take measurements of the job area
  • Once we complete the inspection and Needs Analysis for your project, we give you a quick presentation about our company—our core values, reputation, products, installers, etc.
  • Next, we calculate an exact cost for the project and develop an ultra-detailed proposal that outlines all the work to be done, the materials to be used, and the exact price for our services; if you have a window or roofing project, we provide a detailed presentation and the proposal during the appointment (siding proposals generally require a second visit for the presentation and proposal due to the intensity of preparation)
  • Should you choose to move forward, we convert your proposal to an agreement and finalize all documentation.
  • Your Project Consultant prepares a “New Sales” checklist to ensure seamless coordination with the sales and production teams and ensures everyone is on the same page
  • Once all documents are finalized, we then create a customer file for you in our database that includes your contract, release forms, job-costing forms, measurements, timeframes, and so on
  • For window projects, the lead on your window-installation crew comes to your home and performs a final measurement check on your windows to ensure the products we order are the proper size
  • For siding projects, since James Hardie fiber cement siding installation is quite complex, a production consultation is required to survey the jobsite and review product/workmanship details with you, your Project Consultant, and the Project Manager
  • After the production consultation, we order your materials from the supplier; product delivery typically takes around three to eight weeks depending on the project (every project is custom-ordered)—during that time, we keep you in the loop with regular updates regarding timeframes and the status of your product order
  • Once your products are delivered, we then email you confirmation of the start date and potential steps you need to take prior to installation (moving furniture, covering valuables, etc.)
  • The day installation starts, your Project Manager makes sure the work is done exactly as outlined in your proposal until completion
  • Occasionally, we find additional issues when we remove your old roof, siding, or windows; in these instances, we review these issues with you and let you know your options before doing added work (we NEVER perform additional work without getting your permission)
  • About a week after we complete the installation, we contact you to schedule an optional final walkthrough
  • Your Project Consultant comes to your home and surveys the work with you; if either of you are unsatisfied with any detail, we take action to correct it before we consider the project complete
  • After the walkthrough, your Project Consultant reviews your warranties with you and delivers your final invoice; we also collect final payment and provide all closing documents (paid receipt, lien waivers, etc.)
  • Having a final walkthrough is up to you; most customers do it for the peace of mind it provides

Bottom Line: We Strive To Do Everything Right

A well-executed project seamlessly flows from one portion to the next. We’ve spent a decade developing and perfecting a process that does just that. 

Are we saying we’re perfect? No. But we’ve poured countless hours into fine-tuning our process to make sure errors are kept to a bare minimum… and are corrected as fast as possible when they do occur.

In other words: If you’re looking for a “smooth sailing” roofing, siding, or window project in the St. Louis metro area, you’ve come to the right place.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“XteriorPRO/Window Depot USA of St. Louis was very easy to work with. They listened to what I wanted done and came up with a plan to accomplish it. They were very responsive to questions, and the crew who put up my siding was easy to talk to and explained everything. Would highly recommend this company.” —Brett, St. Peters, MO 63376
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