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Double Pane Window Alternatives

Alternatives To Double Pane Windows
In St. Louis & St. Charles

Double Pane Is A Solid Choice. But Here’s Why Triple Pane
Provides The Biggest Bang For Your Buck… Hands Down.

Replacement Window - Double Pane vs Triple Pane - St. Louis
If you need window replacement in St. Louis or St. Charles, you’re probably trying to decide between double pane and triple pane windows. Some of the questions you’re likely asking yourself include…

Which window is TRULY more energy efficient?

Which provides more VALUE for my money?

Which fits best within my BUDGET?

This article will help you answer these questions and more.

We’ll compare double pane and triple pane windows in four key categories: energy efficiency, condensation, soundproofing, and cost. You’ll discover that triple pane windows not only perform better, but they can also be just as affordable as double pane windows.

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Replacement Window Energy Efficiency - Double Pane vs Triple Pane - St. Louis

Double Pane Window Energy Efficiency

Note: It may benefit you to read our Window Energy Efficiency page before diving into this section.

Vinyl double pane windows have a typical U-Factor of around 0.35. The best U-Factor they can achieve is about 0.27 (the lower the number, the better the energy efficiency).

What does this mean in terms of raw dollars?

ENERGY STAR (the official program of the U.S. Department Of Energy) estimates you can reduce energy costs by $126 to $465 per year when replacing single pane windows with qualifying double and triple pane windows.

Triple Pane Window Energy Efficiency

Triple pane replacement windows make an even bigger impact on your wallet. While 0.27 is the lowest U-Factor in a double pane, triple pane windows can get as low as 0.16. That’s a 33% better U-Factor than the very best double pane window… and even more money saved on energy costs.

This amazing energy efficiency has earned triple pane the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient award—a distinction reserved for THE most efficient products on the market.

Are all triple pane windows created equal? No. Like with any other product, some brands are better than others. For an example as to why, check out this article: You Can’t See How Our Triple Pane Replacement Windows Beat Others… You Can Feel It.

Replacement Window Condensation - Double Pane vs Triple Pane - St. Louis

Double Pane Window Condensation

A double pane window’s interior glass feels cool when it’s cold outside because that outdoor energy is penetrating the glass. When the warm air in your home collides with the cool glass of your window, it creates condensation. (This is why your bathroom windows get especially steamy when you take a shower in the winter.)

Condensation causes much bigger problems than just a foggy view—it creates ripe conditions for mold, mildew, and rot. This can not only lead to costly structural damage, but also health hazards.

A variety of factors go into how well a double pane window resists condensation: the gas fill, the quality of the glass, and so on. But the bottom line? Double pane simply can’t resist condensation as well as triple pane.

Here’s why…

Triple Pane Window Condensation

When you touch the interior glass of a triple pane window, you immediately notice something: how warm it is!

Why? That extra pane of glass—and the added gas fill it creates—obstructs cool outdoor air from making it through to that interior glass pane.

Think of it like layering your clothes during a frigid winter day. Double pane is similar to wearing a T-shirt under a coat. You’ll be relatively warm, but you’ll still feel a substantial amount of cold air cutting through your two layers.

Triple pane, though, is similar to adding a thick wool sweater in between your coat and T-shirt. Now the cold air has to penetrate an additional—not to mention DENSE—layer of “insulation.” This layer blocks a MUCH greater amount of cool air from contacting your skin, which is why you’ll remain nice and toasty.

Since the interior glass of a triple pane window stays within a few degrees of the interior wall’s temperature, the warm air in your home hits a warm surface. As a result, triple pane windows resist condensation up to 56% better than double pane windows.

Replacement Window Soundproofing - Double Pane vs Triple Pane - St. Louis

Double Pane Window Soundproofing

To understand soundproofing in double and triple pane windows, it’s important to know a little about Sound Transmission Class (STC). This measures how well objects like windows, floors, and doors block airborne sound.

Here’s how STC breaks down…

STC LevelWhat You Can Hear
25Speech at a normal volume is easy to hear and understand
30Speech at a normal volume is difficult to hear and understand; speech at a loud volume can be easily understood and heard
35Loud speech is audible but muffled
40Loud speech sounds more like a murmur
45Loud speech can’t be heard; loud speakers and traffic noise are muffled
50Very loud speakers and loud traffic noise are essentially inaudible
60+Outstanding soundproofing; you can hear almost nothing coming from the outdoors

Single pane windows have an STC rating around 18 to 21. You can easily hear and understand someone speaking at a normal volume—as if something is standing right next to you.

Double pane window hovers around 25 to 28 on the STC scale. That might not seem like a huge improvement over single pane, but it is. Sound decibels are measured on an algorithmic scale. Just a few decibels increase in performance can dramatically improve sound reduction… and make the difference between a noise-polluted home and a peaceful home.

Triple Pane Window Soundproofing

The internet is filled with wildly varying info about how soundproof the average triple pane window actually is. Some articles claim triple pane will vastly improve your home’s soundproofing; other articles claim triple pane isn’t any better at blocking noise than double pane.

The truth is that the standard triple pane windows rate around 27 to 31 on the STC scale. That’s as much as a 19% improvement over the average double pane window. Again, that might not seem like a giant improvement on paper. But installed in your home, you absolutely can notice the difference. When it comes to noise reduction, every decibel counts.

Want to achieve the absolute best soundproofing from replacement windows? Invest in triple pane windows with laminated glass.

Triple pane windows with laminated glass can have an STC rating as high as 48. According to the STC scale, that makes loud speakers and heavy traffic noise almost inaudible!

Replacement Window Cost - Double Pane vs Triple Pane - St. Louis

Double Pane Vs. Triple Pane Window Cost

We cover this topic substantially on our website, so this section will be brief.

On average, triple pane windows cost about 34% more than double pane windows in St. Louis and St. Charles. But the return on investment (enhanced efficiency, performance, etc.) more than makes up for the higher price tag.

The great news is that we at XteriorPRO can offer you triple pane windows at double pane prices. We’re the Window Depot USA dealer in the area, which allows us to sell ProVia triple pane windows at the lowest possible cost. Find out more about it on our Window Prices page.

If you want to know more about replacement window prices in the area, take a look at the following pages:

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