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Our Window Prices

Triple Pane Windows At Double Pane Prices? Believe It!

How We Sell Triple Pane Windows In The
St. Louis Metro Area For 34% Less On Average.

If you want triple pane windows in the St. Louis metro area, you’re going to spend about 34% more than you would for double pane windows.

Unless you choose us. We install triple pane windows  at the same price other companies install their double pane windows. 

How? Because we’re your local Window Depot USA.

Window Depot USA is a national company that has a strong business relationship with an industry-leading window manufacturer ProVia. As a result, ProVia custom-manufactures premium replacement windows for Window Depot USA for a reduced price.

It’s a quid-pro-quo alliance. Window Depot USA helps ProVia sell more windows; ProVia helps Window Depot USA beat competitors’ prices. Win-win.

This means you win. Because of our unique situation, you get Lifetime Warrantied triple pane windows for about 34% less than anywhere else in the St. Louis metro area. To see why that’s a big deal, explore the benefits of triple pane on this page.

Make no mistake…

This isn’t some phony bait-and-switch tactic or us trying to get your business with false pricing promises. We genuinely sell “Mercedes-level” windows at “Toyota-level” prices because we have the ability to do so. Feel free to do an apples-to-apples comparison of our quote with others companies’. You’ll see we offer you more window for your money. Period.

Beware Of $189 Windows…

Though we sell triple pane windows for lower prices, we are not one of those $189 window companies. To be honest, even $189 window companies aren’t $189 window companies. 

We’ll explain.

That $189 price is a foot-in-the-door tactic. Sticking with our car analogy above, it’s like an auto dealership advertising a brand-new Mercedes for $5,000. 

The dealership knows such a low price will get you in the door. But once you’re there—in the thick of a sales pitch—only then do you find out this price is just for the chassis. It doesn’t include an engine, a transmission, wheels, doors, or radio… you know, the things that actually make a car a car. All those “upgrades” cost extra.

It’s the same with $189 windows in the St. Louis metro area. While $189 windows do exist, they’re the equivalent to the chassis of our hypothetical Mercedes: it doesn’t get more bare-bones. That $189 price you see advertised is for a window that ranks 1 out of 10 in every possible category: energy efficiency, durability, performance… you name it.  When you consider all that costs that go into the process—raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, installation, warranty, and business sustainability—you see it’s impossible to sell a QUALITY window at this price.

So when the window company comes to your home for an appointment, they try to upsell you on all of the features any decent-quality window should already have. By the time you add all the “upgrades,” you end up spending five to seven times more than advertised!

While $189 windows do exist, they’re the equivalent to the chassis of our hypothetical Mercedes: it doesn’t get more bare-bones.

We Don’t Play Window Pricing Games

We won’t promise we’ll be the cheapest window quote in the St. Louis metro area, or that we can match the price of a Craigslist contractor who works out of his truck.

But we do promise our prices for triple pane windows will be in line with other quality companies’ double pane prices—while providing you with a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty, crystal-clear communication, and a pleasant experience.