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Patio Doors

Custom ProVia Sliding Patio Doors
For St. Louis & St. Charles Counties

Luxury Looks. Exceptional Efficiency.
Stout Security. Rugged Resiliency.

When it comes to patio doors in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, we have two words of advice: never settle.

The truth is that patio doors are more than “just doors.” They play a big role in your home’s energy efficiency, security, and overall look. 

This is why we’ve partnered with ProVia to create custom patio doors with cutting-edge energy features, take-charge strength, and sophisticated curb appeal.

What makes our ProVia-built patio doors different? It’s not that they “reinvent the wheel.” They simply refine every aspect of what a patio door should be.

Triple pane technology. Beautiful custom color and style options. Groundbreaking air-infiltration protection. ProVia-built patio doors advance every aspect of the patio door to provide you with uncharted levels of value.

Let’s look at how our exclusive ProVia doors exceed expectations in the categories you care about most…

“XteriorPRO/Window Depot USA of St. Louis removed my old patio door and replaced it with a new sliding patio door. Excellent craftsmanship, efficiency, cleanliness, and courtesy.” —Chris, Kirkwood, MO 63122

Our sliding patio doors are made with the same triple pane technology as our ENERGY STAR Most Efficient-certified windows. Between the panes of glass is Krypton gas, which is twice as dense as industry-standard Argon gas.

The Super Spacer® delivers exceptional thermal performance. Robust weather stripping and a superior sash interlock creates an Air-Leakage rating that is four times better than American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) standards. This all adds up to a sliding patio door that is ice-box efficient, helps keep your home comfortable, and lowers your energy bills.

Our patio doors have been independently tested to AAMA’s strict standards for structural integrity. The solid vinyl construction of the doors prevents chipping, peeling, and rotting. They never have to be scraped or painted, and the aluminum-reinforced fusion-welded frames and sashes provide maximum strength. Accessories like heavy-duty pet screens round out our patio doors’ unequaled durability.

When it comes to security, the doors are just as robust. It comes with not one but three separate locking mechanisms—a keyed lockset, thumb-turn deadbolt, and kick-lock. This tri-point security system gives our customers true peace of mind.

It’s easy finding that perfect look with our ProVia patio doors. Each door is custom-crafted to your home’s specifications in a two-panel or three-panel configuration. Choose from a wide variety of exterior colors, as well as one stainable or multiple prefinished woodgrain interiors. In addition to colors, you can also select from different glass-grids patterns, decorative glass, and hardware finishes. 

Why Choose Us For Patio Door Installation
In St. Louis & St. Charles Counties

We approach your patio door installation with a simple philosophy: “Do it once and do it right… so it’s done FOR GOOD.” 

Our rigid attention to detail starts with our hiring process. Simply put, we don’t want anyone on our patio door installation crew who gives less than 100% to the craft. 

We look for the people who pour over the smallest particulars and whose default setting is “excessively particular.”

But while our patio door installers are finicky about installation details, they’re anything but prima donnas when it comes to how they treat you. Our installers have warm personalities that create a pleasant and zero-stress project experience for you. Because if there’s one thing we care about as much as installation, it’s treating people RIGHT.

A Few More Reasons To Choose Us…

  • Involved Ownership: Co-owners Lisa and Jason are involved in all customers’ projects. Owner involvement is the best way to ensure peak quality throughout the project.
  • Clear Communication: We pride ourselves on excellent customer communication. You’ll always be in the loop, and your questions will always be answered quickly and thoroughly.
  • Lifetime Warranties: Your new sliding patio doors are protected with lifetime warranties on materials and workmanship.
  • No-Nonsense Quotes: We don’t play pricing games or twist arms. We provide you with a firm quote and honest solutions.

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When we say we install some of the most cutting-edge patio doors on the market, we mean it. Every component has been carefully considered and crafted to create a sliding patio door that advances energy efficiency, curb appeal, and performance to the next level.

If that sounds like the kind of sliding patio door you’re looking for in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, get in touch today.