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Your Window Style Options

Double-hung windows are one of the most common types of windows in the St. Louis metro area. Both the upper and lower sashes open for ventilation. Our double-hung windows are designed with a sash that tilts inward, making it easy to clean the exterior surface of the window from inside your house.

Our double-hung windows provide performance and energy efficiency that will exceed your expectations. Three panes of glass save you big money on energy bills. A hidden tilt-in mechanism makes for easy cleaning while doing away with unsightly latches. And a beautiful aesthetic elevates your home’s curb appeal.

Casement windows are hinged on one side and use a hand-crank mechanism to open like a door. This allows casement windows to create an efficient, airtight seal when closed.

Since casement windows consist of only one panel, they provide tremendous outdoor views when the window is closed. This “max glass” design makes a casement window ideal for bringing the outdoors in.

Casement windows are stylish and practical, and are amazing for ventilation purposes since they open wider than any other window on the market. You can install casement windows alone or use them as part of a larger window like a bay window.

Awning windows have a hinged sash that tilts out from the bottom. The unique design of an awning window helps keep rain out when the window is open.

Homeowners typically install awning windows in small spaces, above other windows (for enhanced ventilation and to accent the main window), or where privacy is needed. An awning window installed in a high area is an excellent way to let in natural light and ventilation without sacrificing privacy. In addition, high placement lets you utilize more wall space for decorations, art, and furniture.

Bay and bow windows project outward from the outside wall of the home. They’re ideal for maximizing space in a room, allowing in more light, and accenting a great view.

A bay window has three individual windows while a bow window has four or more to create a deeper sill. This allows space for extra seating, a reading nook, decorations, or storage. 

Garden windows extend out from your home. They have a sloped roof made of glass to allow natural light in and act as a runoff for water, while the front and sides open to provide ventilation.

As the name suggests, garden windows are made for growing plants indoors. The style of the window provides all the natural elements your mini indoor garden needs, while allowing you to tend to it from inside your home.

Slider windows are excellent for St. Louis metro area homeowners who want wide-ranging outdoor views and plenty of natural light. 

Slider windows are versatile and can be placed in just about any area of the home, from living rooms to kitchens to bedrooms. They are often installed in openings where the width is larger than the height.

Picture windows are fixed units that are designed to give you wide, unobstructed outdoor views and let in lots of light.

Since picture windows have no operating parts, they can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Contact us with your ideas, and we can create a unique picture window to fit your tastes to a “T.”

Your Color, Glass & Finish Options

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