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Why Triple Pane?

Why Choose Triple Pane Windows
In St. Louis & St. Charles Counties?

Better Efficiency. Better Comfort.
Better Value. Better Everything.

As a company that installs custom ProVia triple pane windows for St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, we often hear the following questions:

  • Are triple pane windows really better than double pane windows? 
  • Do triple pane windows block more outdoor noise?
  • Will triple pane windows save me more on energy costs?
  • Are triple pane windows worth the money?

Answer: Y.E.S.

Triple pane windows are relatively new to the market, but they’ve surpassed double pane windows in every conceivable category: energy efficiency, soundproofing, in-home comfort, and more.

On this page, we dive into deep details about the benefits of triple pane windows. You’ll see how triple pane provides you with the best value and why more homeowners than ever are choosing triple pane when they need new windows.

Most windows sold today in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties are double pane. They contain an exterior and interior glass pane, each with energy-efficient low-emissivity coatings. In between the panes is a clear, thermally efficient gas—typically Argon (good) or Krypton (great). (See our Window Energy Efficiency page for a comparison.)

What makes triple pane windows different—and superior—is a strategically placed third glass pane in the middle of the interior and exterior panes. This not only allows for an extra layer of efficient glass, but also additional spaces for the gas fill.

Many window companies don’t sell triple pane windows, and there are a few reasons why…

  • A lot of window manufacturers—even the “big” ones—don’t make triple pane windows.
  • Triple pane windows are relatively new, so window companies don’t fully understand the technology and advantages triple pane provides.
  • Triple pane windows cost window companies more to stock, so they simply don’t bother.

And the window companies in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties that do sell triple pane? They typically push double pane windows just to win the job. 

Since triple pane windows cost companies more, they have to charge their customers more. They don’t want to scare people away with a high price tag, so they pass off double pane as the best value while downplaying triple pane’s advantages. 

We’re different. Our business is about doing what’s best for our customers, so we offer only premium triple pane windows. And since we’re your local Window Depot USA, we can typically offer triple pane windows at better prices than many companies can (see details on Our Prices page).

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Why Triple Pane Is Superior To Double Pane

Note: For this section, you’ll want to brush up on window energy efficiency ratings if you haven’t already. 

The average U-Factor of a vinyl double pane window is about 0.35, while the lowest U-Factor they can reach is around 0.27 (remember, lower numbers are better). According to ENERGY STAR, you can save hundreds of dollars a year on energy when upgrading from single pane to double pane. 

With triple pane windows, you stretch those energy dollars even further. For example, our triple pane windows have a U-Factor of 0.17. That’s a 52% improvement in U-Factor over the average double pane window and a 43% improvement over the best double pane window. It’s also more than enough to earn ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient recognition—a distinction reserved only for the most energy efficient products in the country.

A double pane window’s interior glass pane feels cool when it’s cold outside because energy is penetrating the glass. Condensation occurs when the warm air in your home hits the cold glass of the window. (That’s why your bathroom windows get especially steamy when you take a shower in the winter.) 

Condensation causes much bigger problems than a foggy view—it creates ripe conditions for mold, mildew, and rot. This can not only lead to costly structural damage, but also health hazards.

Remember the “Touch Test” we mentioned a second ago? Since the interior glass of a triple pane window stays within a few degrees of the interior wall’s temperature, the warm air in your home hits a warm surface. As a result, triple pane windows resist condensation up to 56% better than double pane windows.

Triple pane windows can reduce outdoor noise pollution by up to 19%

The noise reduction is especially noticeable when upgrading from single pane to triple pane. If you have single pane windows, you’re no stranger to the sounds of noisy neighbors, yipping dogs, and screaming street traffic. With triple pane windows, you’ll experience more peace and quiet, which will improve the quality of your home life.

A 19% noise reduction may not seem like a lot, but sound decibels work on an algorithmic scale. This means even a performance increase of just a few decibels can create a dramatic improvement in sound reduction.

7 Reasons To Choose Our Triple Pane Windows

ProVia LogoWindow Depot USA has partnered with ProVia (yes, that ProVia!) to custom-create premium vinyl triple pane windows. State of the art, ultra-efficient, and with style to spare, our exclusive triple pane windows set a new standard for what a window should be. You can even choose from several authentic wood interiors!

Best of all: We can install these groundbreaking triple pane windows on your home at double pane prices. Find out how on our Window Prices page.

Many windows have Argon gas between the panes. Our windows contain Krypton gas, which is twice as dense to provide greater insulation. Krypton also improves on Argon’s thermal conductivity by 47%, and its smaller particles fill triple pane windows better.

For more details on Krypton vs. Argon, visit our Window Energy Efficiency page.

Windows with hollow frames waste energy, allow air infiltration, and are prone to condensation. 

To prevent these problems, our window frames are filled with high-density foam. This solid-frame technology enhances energy efficiency, resists condensation, and creates one of the most air-proof windows on the market.

In addition to foam-filled frames, our windows also come with a number of other airtight, waterproof features. 

  • High-tech weather stripping provides perimeter defense against air infiltration. 
  • An interlocking bottom sash stops air penetration, high winds, and heavy water loads. 
  • A sloped sill diverts water away from your window.

The icing on the cake: Our double-hung window frames are reinforced with fiberglass rods. Most vinyl windows are reinforced with steel or aluminum rods in the frame. Metal rods in a double-hung window frame transfer high amounts of energy, leading to less efficiency. Our fiberglass rods are just as durable as metal… but without the unwanted indoor/outdoor energy transfer.

Special balance systems make our double hung windows glide up and down with feather-touch effort, while tilt-in sashes let you clean the exterior glass from inside your home. Ventilation latches allow fresh outdoor air into your home while also providing peace-of-mind security. 

All of our windows come with an optional upgrade to FlexScreen, which is a special brand of window screen that (you guessed it!) flexes into your window’s opening.

FlexScreens don’t have the bulky frame of traditional screens, allowing for more expansive views and greater curb appeal. They’re also made from spring steel and are PVC-coated, making them resistant to denting, breaking, and scratching.

Bottom line: Our replacement windows are fully loaded with the features and upgrades you need for optimal performance.

A window shouldn’t just perform well… it should look good while doing so. 

Our windows are crafted with a number of trend-setting design features. 

  • Combination locks mean no unsightly tilt latches. 
  • Fully integrated and welded header means zero gaps in the frame. 
  • A mortised sill dam creates a subtly sophisticated look. 
  • Slim and beveled sash profiles are the definition of “sleek.” 
  • Optional real wood interior adds elegance to the inside of the window. 

To round things out, a wide variety of Color & Style Options makes finding the perfect look easy.

We don’t compromise on anything when it comes to window installation. We equip our trained, EPA-certified installers with industry-leading materials to ensure the best possible outcome and don’t consider the job done until everything is right. To make sure of it, we offer a true Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Triple pane windows are without equal. And they deserve installation worthy of their “best-in-class” status. That is exactly what we provide. 

If that sounds like the kind of window company you’re looking for in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, get in touch.