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Window FAQs

Answers To Common Questions Homeowners
Have About Our Windows & Installation.

It’s all part of our Zero Compromises policy. We simply will not install anything less than the best materials on our customers’ homes. And when it comes to windows, triple pane reigns supreme.

Triple pane windows hold a number of advantages over double pane windows…

  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Enhanced outdoor noise reduction
  • Superior interior condensation resistance
  • Improved in-home comfort

Bottom line: Triple pane windows are for the homeowner in the St. Louis metro area who demands unrivaled quality.

This depends on a variety of factors, including where you live, the construction of your home, your old windows, and the configurations of your new windows. Typically, our customers save 12-27% when upgrading to triple pane windows in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties.

Triple pane windows can reduce outdoor noise pollution by up to 19%. This is because of the extra pane of glass, as well as the extra gas in between the panes. For more information, visit our Why Triple Pane page.

Usually because they don’t sell triple pane windows. Some window companies get their windows from manufacturers that don’t make triple pane. Others don’t offer triple pane simply because they don’t want to pay the extra costs. 

We’re different. We have a strong relationship with our window manufacturer, so we get our triple pane windows at reduced cost. This allows us to sell our triple pane windows for what some other companies sell their double pane windows. You can find out more on this page: Our Prices.

One advantage is that our windows contain Krypton gas between the panes, while most windows contain Argon gas. Krypton is denser, so it insulates better.

For more details about what sets our windows apart, visit our Why Triple Pane page and scroll to the 7 Reasons To Choose Our Windows section.

Some types of windows we provide for St. Louis, St. Charles, and the surrounding areas include…

  • Double hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • Slider windows
  • Bay and Bow windows
  • Picture windows

For a closer look at your options, visit our Window Styles & Features page.

We offer a wide range of style options to suit the tastes of every homeowner. The interior of our vinyl windows can even be made of stainable woodgrain to match the interior to your existing trim. You can also select from a number of beautiful grid options and hardware finishes. For a look at all of your style choices, visit our Windows Styles & Features page.

Certified, trained, and trustworthy installation specialists. No exceptions.

One reason our workmanship is so high quality is how much better we pay our installers. Other companies typically pay their installers a low wage per window installed. This forces the installers to work as fast as possible to put food on the table, which can lead to corner cutting and mistakes.

We pay our installers by the window, too—but we pay almost DOUBLE what many of our competitors do. This allows our guys to slow down and take their time to ensure every installation detail is exactly right. You can read more about it on our Window Installation page.

No way… and you shouldn’t want us to. 

When you consider all that goes into the making and selling of a window—raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, etc.—you’ll realize it’s literally impossible for companies in the St. Louis metro area to sell $189 windows. 

As we explain on our Window Prices page, $189 windows are a foot-in-the-door tactic for window companies. During the appointment, the window company tries to sell you on “upgrades,” which are actually features that should come standard in any average-quality window. 

It’s like a car dealership advertising a brand-new pink Cadillac for $5,000… but waiting until you’re at the dealership before telling you the price doesn’t include an engine, tires, a radio, seats, air conditioning, or a transmission. In theory, it’s a Cadillac. In reality, it’s a useless hunk of junk.

Yes. We keep our quotes educational and free from pressure. We bring samples, assess your home, and explain all of your options. Most importantly, we listen to you. Once the meeting wraps up, we give you a firm price on the spot. 

Full disclosure: We don’t play pricing games, but we will offer you an “efficiency” discount if you decide to buy at the end of the meeting. 

This isn’t some sneaky, last-ditch sales tactic. We offer this discount because you buying then and there saves us on labor, fuel, and opportunity costs. In other words, you’re doing us a favor, so we think it’s only fair to hand that money back over to you. We calculate whatever we’d save, and then we simply deduct that from your quote!